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About CA Final SFM Classes

CA Final SFM - Handy Tips and Helpful Hints

Strategic Financial Management is one of the most important paper in the First Group of CA Final Examinations. It contains a basket of topics and chapters which are highly conceptual and requires some serious input from candidates to grasp. Such chapters have been spread across topics related majorly to the domain of Investment Banking, Valuations, Capital Markets, Treasuries, and Corporate Finance. The level of paper rises when a student is supposed to crack such technical and lengthy questions within a limited time frame.

Handy Tips and Helpful Hints

The institute itself provides the best study material and a set of questions through the medium of Practice Manual to assist to student in covering the subject in entirety.

Practice Manual – A Benchmark

Solving Practice Manual is of “Paramount Importance”. It is a good way for oneself to ensure to go through all the type of questions which a student can come across in the hall of examination. It also serves a reality check in understanding the level and complexities of questions.

Penning Down – Written Practice

This is the foremost requirement for achieving the milestone in the case of this paper. Unfortunately, this is the first area where students don’t put much of their efforts and consider this thumb rule for granted. It is a practical paper thus, requires a lot of handwritten practice before examination. Students usually just read the question & answers which should ideally be called doing an “Audit” rather than putting efforts in solving all illustrations by themselves.

Revision Test Paper’s and Mock Test Paper’s

The institute itself provides a lot of in-depth material to test the level of knowledge which includes RTP’s and Mock Test Papers. An ideal student having an aim to score an exemption should explore all these resources effectively before the examination. They cover all the past year’s papers as well.

SFM Theory – Importance

Considering the present set of patterns of examination, SFM theory’s importance has been certainly evolved over the time frame. In every examination, 16-20 marks theory has been asked across all the chapters. Generally, it has been seen that students do not consider it as a part of the syllabus and in case of tough and lengthy exams, having a thorough knowledge of theory serves as a bridge to scoring an exemption in the exam.


Study and try to complete a question within a specific time frame during practice. If been stuck anywhere in between, then move ahead, and if time permits, come later on the same problem. Do not refer multiple faculty notes and try to summarize each chapter in some keynotes according to your judgments and give a fast review to all such points noted during practice. At the end of the day, those 3 hours matter the most and try to make the best out of them.